Uruguay Logistic HUB

"Your trust, our commitment"

Uruguay HUB

Uruguay is a prominent Logistics HUB in the region and has Free Trade Zones, which allows you to send the cargo to Uruguay → store it tax-free → and reship it to its final destination, centralizing inventory, reducing costs and lead times.

We have a Free Port, Free Airport and Free Free Zones that enable the Agent to store the cargo tax-free and then partially or completely redistributed to the region (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia).

In this service we include:

  • » Storage in Free Zone, Free Port and Free Airport
  • » National and International Transport
  • » Multimodal Transport to Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil
  • » Insurance
  • » Customs procedures
  • » Proceedings with Governmental Bodies
  • » Consulting
  • We also highlight that we offer this alternative in a flexible way, so that each client decides the scope of the service they wish to receive.

    Airport and free port

    The Carrasco International Airport, the Port of Montevideo, and the ports of Uruguay operate under the Free Port Regime, offering their an unbeatable spectrum of facilities.

    Among them, the following stand out:

  • » Circulation of cargo free of restrictions, limitations, permits or prior complaints.
  • » Exemption from all tariffs applicable to both import and export.
  • » Free change of destination of the cargo
  • » The cargo does not lose its Mercosur Origin
  • Free Trade Zones

    Thanks to its regulatory framework, all companies can operate in the Uruguayan Free Trade Zones and take benefit from their advantages and attributes.

  • » Total exemption from national taxes for Users.
  • » Total exemption from customs taxes, both at the entry and exit of the cargo.
  • » Absolute freedom in currency management.
  • » Direct benefits of Trade Agreements.
  • We can coordinate your operations in any of the Free Trade Zones: Montevideo Free Trade Zone, Libertad Free Trade Zone, and Colonia Free Trade Zone